Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Today I am sharing a few more steampunk ornaments with Creative Embellishments products.You may have seen a couple last time I posted but I altered these a bit different.

The steampunk antique bicycles were altered a little differently then when I shared them last time. The picture doesn’t do them justice. They were both sprayed with gold and silver glitter blast by Krylon. I then added a few tim holtz embellishments and other metal embellies. You will also see I added a few mini gears I altered with black soot stain.

The steampunk hats were both altered with black soot stain. I sort of swiped the stain in a vertical motion for a bit of depth and unevenness. To sort of give a leathery look.  I added metal brads in the screw holes. I altered the gear with tarnished brass distress paint, brushed pewter stain and black soot stain.  I also added a bit of glitter to the pipes. You can’t tell from the less than mediocre photos.  ( was in sort of  a hurry)


Lastly I altered our steampunk pocket watches with tarnished brass and brushed pewter stain. Around the edges I added gold and silver stickles. The gears were altered with black soot stain, tarnished brass paint, and silver acrylic paint. I added some metal pieces to further embellish them.


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Steampunk Pocket Watches Steampunk Antique Bikes  Steampunk Hat Set

Mini Gears 3/4" (set of 12)Gear Set 2 LargeGears 1" (Set of 12)
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Steampunk Ornaments- Creative Embellishments

Today I am sharing some more steampunk ornaments i made with Creative Embellishments chippies.  I think I am close to being done with filling my tree up. I like a nice filled tree with ornaments. I have to make 5 or 6 more tonight and hope to be completely finished. Crossing fingers. ;)

I didn’t add much to this hot air balloon ornament. I sprayed the purple bauble with silver glitter blast made by krylon. I then cut lace apart and attached 4 pieces around the bauble. I cut a small straw hat at the brim to make the basket. I didn’t have any on hand the size I needed. I then decorated with CE gears ,ball and chain, regular chain and baubles.


For this hot air balloon. I cut 8 pieces of hot air balloon I stenciled. I altered out new steampunk wings (not added to the store yet) with tim holtz tarnished brass distress paint and black soot stain. The gears were altered with brushed pewter stain. The airship was altered with white picket fence distress paint and tarnished brass stain. The hot air balloon chipboard piece was altered with a fine point pen and white picket fence paint. Lastly I added gold stickles all over the ornament.


Our new steampunk dress form and wings will also be added very soon. For the base coat I applied black soot distress paint. I lightly applied tarnished brass distress paint over it not to completely cover though. The wings were altered with white picket fence paint, tarnished brass paint. The gears were altered with black soot and tarnished brass paint. Again to finish the project I added gold stickles all over.


For the dress form above applied black soot paint for the base coat as well as for the gears. I then applied silver acrylic paint in spots but not to completely cover.I added a few metal embellishments to the project and then added silver stickles all over.
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Steampunk Dress Form 2 Airship Gear Set 2 Large

Gears 1" (Set of 12)Gear Set 2 Small
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Steampunk Ornaments

Hello Friends! Today I am  sharing some ornaments I am making for my steampunk themed tree using Creative Embellishments chipboard pieces. My goal is complete 100 steampunk related ornaments to fill my pink tree. My favorite color is pink and I love the grungy style. I figured I would go against the grain and mix the 2 styles.. I do not conform to the norm. My youngest daughter is not diggin the whole idea.

To start, I applied gesso to all the chipboard pieces but if I intended to use black on the piece I did not.  I used a lot of metallic colors for a metal effect and even added some metal embellishments to the ornaments as well. I used silver acrylic paint, tim holtz distress paints and stains in black soot, brushed pewter and brass and white picket fence. For a christmas like effect I added stickles in gold and silver colors. Not shown here but I am also using pearl ex in copper color as well to add more metal colors to the tree on some of the same ornamenrs. My plans are to make 1 or 2 of each in the gold, silver and copper colors. I also make a few girly pink glittery metallic looking ornaments. I will share them on my Facebook page as I complete them. Lastly I am using a sealer made by krylon in matte finish to protect when I package them.

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Clock Hand Snowflakes Magnifying Glass Goggle Set Steampunk Wings Set 1
Steampunk GogglesSteampunk Antique Bikes Steampunk Gear Clock 4
Steampunk Heart Steampunk Ornament Steampunk Tree
Airship 3 Airship 2 Hot Air Balloons
Gear  1 1/2" (Set of 12)Gear Set 2 Large Gear Set 2 Medium
Gears 1" (Set of 12)Gear Set 2 SmallMini Gears 3/4" (set of 12)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Altered Metal Birdcage- Creative Embellishments

Today I am sharing an altered Christmas inspired birdcage I created for Creative Embellishments. I found the birdcage at Michael’s and it was on clearance or 80%off.  I tend to get a little bored of layouts so have been creating canvases and altered items lately.

I altered the Merry Christmas sign using Tim Holtz distress paints and stains, 3d stamp paint for the snow, a sharpie permanent marker for the Merry Christmas sentiment and other added details.
The birds were simply altered with red acrylic paint.
It’s hard to see the details on the holly and berry but there is 2 contrasting tim holtz distress paints on the holly leaves, brown faber castell big pitt pen was used for the woody part of the flourish and red paint for the berries.  You cant really see the bird nest inside the cage but I altered the nest with different brown distress paints and stains.
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Holly and Berry Flourishes Christmas Signs Birds

Bird Nests